We Have Moved!

I am happy to announce the new site is up and running.


Please update your bookmarks and do subscribe to the new site.


We Are Moving…

Regular visitors will have noticed I have recently included test papers for the other subjects. This is in lieu with my plans to be a one-stop site for all your children’s educational resources.


Talking Maths started when I had to care for my dog (sorry non-animal lovers, you will never understand the lengths we will go to for our pets laugh) He was at the last stage of his life and I had to cut down  the number of students in order to look after him. And with the few students I was still teaching (mainly because of their proximity), this website was my form of communication; my way of assigning work on days I had to cancel my lessons. I was and still am very grateful at how understanding the parents were.

How this site  grows from 10 visitors a day to an easily 1000-visitors-a-day now remains a mystery to me; just look at the photos I have posted! Their sizes are never correct and I can never align them! LOL Continue reading